shameless admissions & odd facts

1) I wash my jeans once a year. But sometimes I use my clothes and just leave them and then wear them again after a week.

2) I shit quite quickly, no one knows whether I went to pee or poo

3) I lie all the time to my friends saying I’m sick or I have diarhea when all I am gonna do is sleep at home

4) I smoke. =(  I wish I never started, but I like it.

5) I used to shoplift for about a year. Then I stopped and suddenly I seemed to have forgotten the art of it. I did get lots and lots of cool stuff though. Some of my friends’ birthday gifts may/may not have come from these sprees.

6) One of the best feelings in the world is going to the toilet. Sometimes I try not to shit till I really need to, then it’s so much better.

Ugh even I cringed reading ^

7) I sit with my friends sometimes and read a book. They talk, and I’m ignoring them. I think it’s as rude as being on your phone all the time (which I don’t if I’m having a conversation)

8) I don’t think that cheating is necessarily the worst thing in the world. As long as no one ever knows, and its not emotional cheating. Having said that, I’d never be able to do it myself.

9) Sex is amazing. In every way.

10) I hate it if anyone comes too close when I need to sleep. I rather sleep on the couch than share my bed with people sometimes.

11) Anything that moves like a lizard makes me feel like dying out of fear. I mean, my heart kinda stops and I feel like fainting and etc.

12) I read all the Twilight books, then I tried to force my sister to get rid of them. It’s still there though no one ever reads it anymore.

13) I look at both men and women and go gaga over them just the same.

14) I believe in 13 being unlucky so I just had to put in number 14 here.

Oh, and I know Harry Potter is not the best work of fiction ever, but I absolutely love it. And as cliché as it sounds, I really did grow up reading them.


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